Understand the full story, instantly

Easily searchable, summarized, and readable medical records

Everything you need to know, consolidated, searchable, readable, and summarized

Once customers give you consent through a text we send them, instantly gain access to their records in our network. We'll summarize medical notes and PDFs so you only need to read what's important.

Consolidated Lab Panels

Our software will integrate the lab panels from each hospital, giving you the full story of each patient.

Less Legal Liability than a DIY approach

Emailing records still leaves you legally liable if the other hospital sends incorrect information.

We ensure each patient signs a legal waiver form, stating that you are not liable for information that might’ve been digitized on our platform.

Perfect for new practice owners, urgent care, and telemedicine

With access to all patient records in one place, you can treat each new patient like a lifelong friend.

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